FC Utrecht – Borussia Dortmund

Wednesday 21 January 2015
FC Utrecht (Netherlands)  – Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
0-1 (16th Kempl)
Stadion de Galgenwaard, Utrecht
Attendance: 16.786

Match Magazine Front
Match Magazine Front
Match Magazine with the Utrecht line-up
Match Magazine with the Utrecht line-up
Match Magazine with the Dortmund line-up
Match Magazine with the Dortmund line-up

The trip to Utrecht.
As a dutchman myself, it wasn’t very hard to come to utrecht.
Utrecht is a city in the heart of the Netherlands and I live in the south.
We took the train from Venlo and travelled via Nijmegen to Utrecht, it’s about 2 hours to Utrecht Centraal (Central station). We travelled with 3 guys.
From their we could take several busses, but we took line 12 De Uithof UMC AZU. The fourth of fifth stop (can’t remember it right..) is station Galgenwaard, what is the ground of FC Utrecht.

So we got at the stadium, which is a modern stadium.
It’s vast and full of other companies, just a multi-functional ground if you like.
I personaly hate those stadiums, just give me an old stadium and ‘I’m the most happy’.

Stadium 'De Galgenwaard'
Stadium ‘De Galgenwaard’

As you can see, it looks like a shoppingcentre.
We had the tickets already, what was a pitty.
I really fancy those good tickets you know, not those E-tickets.
But unfortunately, this was the only option.
On the other hand, we could go through the gates fast, which was nice.



The Game

This game was not planned really, Klopp (Dortmund’s Manager) wanted a match just before the competition started. So they picked a side that wasn’t to far from Dortmund and Utrecht was a good match.(It’s a 3 hour drive)
This is odd, because the dutch competition has started and Utrecht has an important away match coming  (vs. Groningen)
The place on the league table sees Utrecht on the 11th spot , which is just below the middle. The guest on the other hand have a dramatic season in their domestic league, standing 17th out of 18. Strangely enough, they are through to the knock-out stages of the Champions League.
Football is a strange game.

IMAG0005 IMAG0006 IMAG0007 IMAG0008

It was good to see the fanatic Bunnik-side full and they had a little pyro-show, which ofcourse, I was late to take a picture of it.

But the stadium was packed for this friendly and everyone was in good cheers.
The people in Utrecht are really friendly, among themselves. They are typical bunch of people, a real club for the people.
Very passionate, a lot of verbal violence and of course great quantities of beer.
It gives you a good feeling, to go to a club with raw emotions passions and frustrations. This are the real football fans and I loved it.
Great Atmosphere.

Dortmund hadn’t got their usual pack of fans, but their were a smal 500 in the away-end.
And ofcourse dutch gloryhunters, but what you going to do about them?


Dortmund was the favorite and played solid. They scored the 0-1 after 16 minutes the germans scored via Kevin Kampl, assisted by wonderboy Marco Reus.
After that Dortmund was really tame and Utrecht did have a few good chances the first half. That made the audience very happy, because their is so many difference in the quality of the teams.
The second half saw an excellent Utrecht, attacking the dortmund goal on any ocassion. It was brilliant, the stadium was loud.
Dortmund had a few counter attacks, but the goalkeeper was on it.
The crowd reacted a bit disappointed, but they were kind of proud.
They held a european giant to 1-0 at home.



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