VVV-Venlo – MVV Maastricht

Sunday 25 January 2015
Jupiler League, Netherlands (2nd tier)
VVV-Venlo(10th) – MVV Maastricht(20th)
3-0 (Nijholt 14, 34. Promes 57)
Stadion de Koel, Venlo
Attendance: 4100
Ticket: 10,- EUR
Match Program: free


The trip

I live in Venlo and this is my local football club.
Myself, I’ve got a season ticket and not a single ticket.
I realise this is not really groundhopping ,but I think it’s a welcome addition to other groundhopping experiences.
On normal ocassions we first would have a gathering round the Irish Pub, but not this time. It was due the bad weather, or COLD if you like.
I walked with a friend of mine to the stadium, that lies on a little hill. Exactly a little hill, but we like to call it ‘De Berg’, what translates as mountain. Have no idea why..
Anyway, it had been snowing the day before and it was freezing outside.
You are always going to experience cold, but if you are winning it’s just a bit warmer and if you are losing… I think you get the general idea of it.

IMAG0024 IMAG0025 IMAG0026 IMAG0027 IMAG0028

The stadium has a capacity of 7,500, but in the 2nd tier it’s attendance is rarely over 5000.
Today was derby- day, we played local rival MVV Maastricht. One from four local clubs in the Province of Limburg, near the German border.
What I like about the stadium, it is oldschool. No concrete prisonwalls or something like that.
Perhaps I’m a bit prejudiced, but that is how I feel about it.

IMAG0029 IMAG0030 IMAG0031

You have an oldschool gate, where you have ‘security stewards’, but they really are a joke.
On the left side, you have got the foodstand. Brilliant.

Drink and Foodstand


The tunnel you go through when you are on the longside.
And by this time, we were cold as ice.


IMAG0034 IMAG0036 IMAG0037 IMAG0038

The snow was cleared of our field and was still standing there. The reason why we still could play on this field was because of artificial pitch…
Rather disappointing, but it came in handy this day.

The Match

It was a derby match and we didn’t expect much from both sides, the passion has gone away over the years. The fierce rivalry has cooled down and the rivalry with Roda JC is more tensed.
A lot was going on with VVV over the past couple of weeks; Financially and results on the field.
So we didn’t know what was coming our way, the only thing we knew, was the signing of a new player: Gianluca Nijholt.

VVV was very dominant the first half and played attacking football, it was a delight. We hadn’t seen that in the first half of the season and everyone was in good cheers about it.
New boy Nijholt conquered the hearts of many fans, with two superb and class goals.
It was a possitive first half ending with a 2-0 on the scorebord at half time.


IMAG0039 IMAG0040 IMAG0041 IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045 IMAG0047

IMAG0048 IMAG0049

The club’s mascot ‘Koelie’, a gentleman in a dogsuit with a beer belly. Does it get any better?
Second half started and as you can see, the players have to go down from the dressingroom to get to the pitch.
The dominance of VVV continued and they played on MVV’s half, but MVV was remotely threatening on outbreaks. Our luck is our goalkeeper: Maenpaa. Worldclass and keeper of the Finnish Nation Team.
We managed to get the 3-0 from Promes, he scored home after an assist by Nijholt.
Brilliant day and match, perhaps this is good for positive vibrations and we will be able to aim at the play-offs.
Bumped into a groundhopper fro Birmingham, great to hear his opinion and loved the groundhopping passion.
Was a class day.

Floodlights going on 1/2
Floodlights going on 2/2 and the lads having a bit of snowfun
‘Don’t through snowballs, stop it…’

IMAG0050 IMAG0055


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